I would like to share my learning progress with you. I am a C# developer for many years. And yes, I am a Windows user, not a Mac expert (yet).

But I have a Mac and I have to use Python, hence, this post. 

First, I learnt about Python's concept by watching this very friendly Youtube video:
   -   Google Python Class Day 1 Part 1

If you take time to watch this Youtube clip from start to end, it should give you a good idea about what you can expect from Python: very short syntax, flexible, no fancy graphics, no build/compile/debugging (F5).

My Mac OS X already has Python version 2.7.5 installed by default. But I would like to try out the latest version, which is 3.4.1 and available for download from Python website:

My Mac is 64-bit, so I selected the second link from top: Mac OS X 64-bit/32-bit installer. Because the package is downloaded outside of Apple's Apps Store, I had to hold the control key while clicking on the Python.mpkg icon to start the installer. After that, everything seems to be a smooth installation:

I also spent a few minutes reading the ReadMe.txt file, which explains what would happen to the default version 2.7.5 of Python before this installation:

Python 3.4 and 2.7.x versions can both be installed and
will not conflict. Command names for Python 3 contain a 3 in them,
python3 (or python3.4), idle3 (or idle3.4), pip3 (or pip3.4), etc.
Python 2.7 command names contain a 2 or no digit: python2 (or
python2.7 or python), idle2 (or idle2.7 or idle), etc. 

Back to the terminal, I can now enter Python3 to start playing with it.

If you have a Web Developer background, you should find the Python interpreter console very similar to the Google's Developer Console, where you can type any Javascript commands and see it works in the memory of the current web page.

While playing with Python, I also learn how to use Mac. I always wish somebody could have taught me before. So, I created another post to introduce Mac to other Windows users.