Here's the list of my favorite tools with explanation:

  • Free tools:

    • StopOnFirstBuildError

      When you build a large solution or project, you don’t have to wait until all errors are reported.
      Early cancelation of the build and revealing the very first error allows you to tackle one error at a time (which is often the most important one) and save you the wait of the long build.


    • Target Framework Migrator

      Update all projects at one click.

      The drawback is that it won’t upgrade your EDMX files accordingly. This means you will have many errors the next time you run an EDMX update.

    • Nest In

      Nest any type of file on any other type of file within your solution explorer. Keep your code more organized.


      As simple as Ctrl Click to select a few files. Right Click to nest them.

    • VSColorOutput

      Color output for build and debug windows.


  • Paid Tools:

    • Resharper

      This is a must have tool. It shows errors, suggestions, provides quick code navigations, completions.
      It does require lots of memory though. If your computer has 10 GB or more of free memory, then it’s for you.